From humble beginnings, for over 25 years, Manning Valley Free Range Eggs - Nature's Intention® has been passionately producing only free range eggs from a pollutant free environment for the growing consumer demand for sustainable, quality assured and natural produce.

The happy hens of Manning Valley Free Range Eggs are free to roam as nature intended on open pastures producing premier eggs under natural Australian conditions.

Manning Valley Free Range Eggs is committed to protecting the environment, conserving our natural resources through efficient use and a safe and healthy atmosphere. Our system ensures a happy, healthy, free-ranging bird that consistently produces a complete quality nutritionally packaged egg that has become synonymous with the name Manning Valley Free Range Eggs.

Our mission statement since inception - “The Real Currencies of the future, clean earth, air, and water are found in abundance” ® has defined our family business.

Our mission statement is not only about our appreciation for working with nature and the intelligent chicken, but also about sharing our passion with our loyal customers. Our customers being the focus of our "family" business.

Thank you and thank you again.

Proud owners of Manning Valley Free Range Eggs

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Our products are available throughout major supermarket chains and speciality suppliers in NSW and ACT.